Anti Cellulite sæt

Anti Cellulite sæt

Anti Cellulite sæt

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SLANKER, TONER & OPSTRAMMER - synlige resultater efter bare 4 uger.   - "Upgrade your shape"

Beauty sync BODY SHAPE SET - ANTI CELLULITE handler ikke kun om at reducere cellulite - det hæmmer dannelsen af nye fedtvæv på en ny unik måde. Sættet består af tre innovative og perfekt synkroniserede komponenter for at opnå fremragende resultater i kampen mod forekomsten af cellulite.

Cremen skal benyttes efter brug af panty. Dette giver en 24 timers anti cellulite effekt. Påfør Gel cremen og masserer ind, du vil umiddelbart efter påføringen føle en behagelig varme. Synlige resultater efter bare 4 uger. Glat, fast og smuk blød hud!


The beauty sync BODY SHAPE SET - ANTI CELLULITE is not just about reducing cellulite it inhibits the formation of new fat tissue in a unique way. The set consists of three innovative and perfectly synchronized components to achieve outstanding results in the fight against cellulite:


The PANTIES are made of exclusive patented micro-fabric with a "honeycomb texture", characterized by small „combs“ it enclose small areas and create a massaging effect. In this way
the microcirculation of the skin is stimulated - better circulation facilitates the drainage of retained liquids trapped in the skin tissue. The garment is perfectly suited to the body, favoring the
body's movements and maintaining its high elasticity. They are practical, seamless and lightweight.

Composition: 92% polyamide, 8% spandex
Color: nude
Sizes: M - XL


The Panty spray contains highly effective, encapsulated anti-cellulite active ingredients:
The optimal combination of active ingredients against cellulite: Liporeductyl & Xpertmoist Liporeductyl consists of a mix of classic anti-cellulite extracts and the tripeptide GHK. That's
why it is so effective: because it attacks cellulite using different mechanisms. The classic anticellulite extracts help to burn existing fat cells and reduce water retention in the skin tissue.
They also stimulate microcirculation and fight effectively against the reduction and degradation of collagen and elastin, which are of the utmost importance for a tight skin. This results in improved skin hydration and elasticity and a visibly smoother and more beautiful skin. The tripeptide GHK acts as a scavenger of hazardous byproducts produced during the complex process of chemical transformation of lipids in our skin tissue, and helps the skin to stay healthy and firm. Xpertmoist, the second encapsulated ingredient in the spray provides long-lasting and intensive moisture and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin. It helps maintain the skin’s elasticity and texture.

Other active ingredients:

•Caffeine helps to increase the metabolism and prevents excessive accumulation offat in cells. Well known for the ability to increase micro circulation and has the abilityto reduce water retention in the tissues resulting in a slenderizing effect.
•Ruscus root extract, activates lymphatic drainage, reduces excess fluids alleviatefatty inclusions. .
•Ivy extract has a diuretic and fat-reducing effect.
•Carrageen which regenerates and tightens the skin tissue.

Microencapsulation as technology: the incorporation of cosmetic ingredients into textile structures is called micro-encapsulation. It allows cosmetics to bind appropriately to textile fibers but also to be released when it gets in contact with the skin. Treated textiles containing cosmetic actives act like a patch; passing the actives retained between the fibers onto the skin.
In order to anchor the substances to the Anti Cellulite Panty the spray has to be applied to the inner side of the panty. After every washing the spray has to be reapplied to keep the fabric effectively acting.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Turn the panty inside out and spray at least 3-4 times per leg. Spraying may vary according to size. Wait for the trousers to dry, before you wear it.


The Gel Cream Anti Cellulite is the perfect skincare product for a defined and visibly streamlined contour. The light formulation contains the most effective anti-cellulite ingredients - the ideal complement to the TEXTIL SPRAY ANTI CELLULITE – for an intensive treatment day and night.

Effective combination of active ingredients:

The main active ingredient in the Gel Cream, Silusyne, has a synergetic effect with the active ingredients of the Anti Cellulite Panty Spray. While Liporeductyl contained in the Textile Spray helps to melt existing fat cells, Silusyne inhibits the formation of new fat tissue in a unique way. The skin becomes visibly smoother and firmer, and the silhouette is more toned.
Other active ingredients:
•Caffeine helps to increase the metabolism and prevents excessive accumulation offat in cells. Well known for the ability to increase micro circulation and has the abilityto reduce water retention in the tissues resulting in a slenderizing effect.
Corum 9235 is an effective heating agent that gives a long-lasting warming effectwhen applied on the skin and improves circulation.
•Gelyol A.N. 55 is a brown algae extract with regenerative, anti-oxidant and slimmingand tightening effects.
•D-panthenol protects regenerates and soothes. It strengthens the natural barrierfunction of the skin and promotes regeneration of skin.
•Jojoba oil revitalizes and regenerates skin and has excellent inherent emollient andmoisturizing properties.
•Aloe Vera, penetrates through layers of skin to hydrate the skin, It tightens andimproves skin elasticity.

Instructions for use:
The cream should be used after wearing the panty. This creates a 24-hour anti-cellulite effect. Apply a layer and massage it in with circular motion, immediately after applying, it will give you a pleasant warming effect.
The effectiveness results in the synergy of all 3 components –
Visible results after 4 weeks bv beauty sync BODY SHAPE ANTI CELLULITE Products noticeable decreases the appearance of cellulite “UPGRADE YOUR SHAPE” Cosmetotextiles

Cosmetics are no longer just simple creams and lotions. The boundaries of cosmetic innovation are being expanded with the inception of cosmetotextiles. These new products can be defined as textile articles containing a durable substance intended to be released on the various surfaces of the body it comes into contact with and asserting a cosmetic action.

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